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How can KOLs earn revenue from their video background space?

In recent years, there are more ways for creators or key opinion leaders (“KOLs”) to earn revenue. Apart from the main YouTube Partner Program, creators can also earn money from programs offered by other social media platforms such as the Instagram Partner Program introduced in 2018 and the TikTok creator fund introduced in 2022. Furthermore, YouTube introduced its “Super Thanks” feature in 2021 to allow audiences to purchase Super Thanks to show gratitude for their favourite creators. Tiktok will roll out its Creativity Program by the end of 2023 for creators to monetize their content and collect rewards for creating and publishing longer and higher-quality video content.

New ways for KOLs to earn extra revenue

Apart from new monetization methods rolled out by the popular video and social media platforms, KOLs can also earn revenue from the new KOL video monetization platforms. For example, some platforms offer opportunities for micro-influencers to sign up and participate in corporate marketing campaigns, where KOLs will to market and sell products within the video content. Platforms can also offer influencers affiliate marketing opportunities where KOLs can earn revenue based on the extra sales and actions generated  from the traffic KOLs drive to the company websites.  

New monetization platforms for KOLs to earn revenue

With the advancement of new technologies, KOLs can now earn extra revenue without any extra marketing effort. Known as KOL Video Background Marketing, this solution transforms KOLs video background space into revenue earning ad space. Now, a KOL will only need to upload its video, and an ad will be inserted onto the background. Once the video is published on YouTube, the KOL can instantly earn extra revenue!

If you are looking to earn extra revenue with your KOL videos, then look no further! is currently the leading AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our KOL video background marketing solution transforms KOL’s video background space into revenue earning ad space. Do not hesitate and join us now. Visit or contact us through

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