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How can corporates track conversions with KOL video background ad marketing?

When doing marketing campaigns, corporates are mostly focused on whether their campaigns can convert, meaning a customer takes an action that is desirable to the corporate and in alignment with the goals of the corporate’s marketing campaign.

With different marketing objectives, corporates may target to generate different types of conversions, and the most commonly used methods of conversions are as follows:

  1. Click-through conversions: consumers that click on a link/advertisement and potentially convert thereafter

  2. Lead generation conversions: consumers who fill out a form and provide their personal information in exchange for valuable content and offers

  3. Sales conversions: consumers directly purchase the corporate’s products or services

Although corporates may target different conversion metrics, they are measured in the same way. Known as the conversion rate, this metric depicts the percentage of people that have converted after an interaction with the corporate’s link via a click, and is calculated as below:

conversion equation

For example, 100,000 people have viewed a product on one corporate’s website, and 1,000 people ended up buying it, the conversion rate would be 1,000 ÷ 100,000 × 100 %= 1.0%.

Traditionally, when doing social media such as Facebook or Instagram marketing, the platforms will provide the corporates with the number of impressions (i.e. interactions) and depending on the goal, the number of people that either clicked on the links provided, made a phone call, or visited their profile page. Companies can then get the conversion rate. However, driving conversions and calculating conversion rates with KOL marketing is not that intuitive. Given audiences cannot interact with the advertisement itself, corporates cannot rely on the platform for data in calculating the conversion rate, and instead can only rely on third-party websites/applications to assist in computing the conversion rate.

In the case of KOL video background marketing, a new KOL marketing solution that inserts advertisements into the background of KOL videos, corporates can achieve conversions through the marketing message in the description box, as illustrated below.

conversion process of KOL video background marketing

An advertisement focused on driving audiences into the description box will be designed, where it attracts audiences to visit the description box right beneath the video. A marketing message will be crafted and placed together with some tracking links inside the description box, with the aim of driving users to click on the links. As tracking links are deployed, corporates will know exactly how many people have clicked the links and have converted as a result of viewing the advertisement. Finally, together with the view counts of the video, corporates can easily compute the conversion rate.

Below are some examples on how conversions are done with KOL video background marketing:

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