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How can KOL Video Background Marketing utilize viral videos to quickly expand brand awareness?

Viral videos (or popular videos) are videos that amass a high number of viewers via social media forwarding within a very short period of time. A video can be considered viral if it reaches 5 million views in the US but in Hong Kong, even a few hundred thousand views[1] can be considered viral. Viral videos can be very effective and low cost method for corporates to advertise and quickly gain brand awareness.

Whether a video can become viral depends on a number of factors, and a few key ones include attention-grabbing headlines, content quality, uniqueness, timeliness and relevance, and influencer collaboration.

factors that could influence whether a video could go viral

  1. Attention-grabbing headlines: The more interesting and engaging the headlines, the higher chance of viewers clicking on the videos.

  2. Content quality: The higher the perceived quality of the content, the more likely the video will go viral.

  3. Uniqueness: Videos with unique content are more likely to get more views and go viral

  4. Timeliness and relevance: If the content of the video is on some “hot topic” that is heavily discussed during the period, the video can likely garner more views and go viral.

  5. Influencer collaboration: By collaborating with other influencers, YouTubers can bring in views from the fanbase of the collaborating influencer, thereby increasing the chances of the video going viral.

The majority of viral YouTube videos in Hong Kong have been on trending topics in the society. The latest viral video topics include , illegal construction scandals, China property crisis, online scams, etc…

When doing traditional KOL marketing, it is rather difficult to be able to advertise in viral videos of trending topics. This is largely due to the fact that these videos have to be released within a very short timeframe to ensure timeliness, while crafting a traditional KOL marketing campaign requires very high lead time (from a few weeks to a few months). For corporates looking to quickly expand brand awareness to leverage on viral KOL videos, traditional KOL marketing might not be a possible.

With KOL video background marketing, advertisements are inserted into the background of KOL videos via AI processing. As the processing will usually take only a few hours, the time needed to create one KOL video with advertisement can be largely reduced. This makes advertising with viral videos, including those videos which need to be published within a very short timeframe, simple and efficient. Furthermore, as KOL video background marketing guarantees that the advertisement will appear in the first minute of a KOL video, the advertisement can gain maximum exposure, and can therefore effectively reach thousands of audiences within a day or two. With this amount of reach, corporates can quickly expand brand awareness.

Below are two examples of viral KOL videos with in-video advertisements:

In this first example, a TINY2 in-video advertisement was inserted into Finance730 (Shih Wing Ching)’s video. A collaboration with Oscar Choi (蔡金強), this video reached 145,000 view counts in one day.

In this second example, China PingAn Insurance (Hong Kong)‘s in-video advertisement was inserted into Emi Wong’s video. This video reached hundred thousands of views in the first few days of release and has now reached over 4 million views.

If you are looking to do KOL marketing that can quickly expand brand awareness, then look no further! is currently the leading AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our KOL video background marketing solution enables brands to advertise in viral KOL videos in a simple and efficient manner. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately for effective advertising. Visit or contact us through

[1] Statistics estimated by ChatGPT

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