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How can KOL Video Background Advertising achieve 30-second impressions?

In digital marketing, impression is an important metric that marketers look at when measuring the effectiveness of a campaign. Impressions indicate the number of people who  viewed the corporate’s advertisement. Corporates can use this number to extrapolate the costs needed for one view on the advertisement and assess the performance of the campaign in terms of reach. While impression is used as a common metric, different social media platforms have different standards on what is counted as one impression as shown below:

What constitutes as an impression according to major social media platforms YouTube Instagram Facebook and TikTok

As shown above, it is evident that all social media platforms tally “impressions” as soon as the ad is displayed on the viewer’s screen regardless of whether the ad has been played or not. If the user sees the same advertisement twice,  YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok will count it as another impression, and only Facebook will disregard this repeat view if it is in the same browsing session. This implies that an impression is counted even when a viewer skips or scrolls to the end of the ad. This multiple counting means that the ad may not be viewed by a different viewer for every “impression” count and corporates will most likely get a lower ad performance and ROI than what may seem to be.

With the application of technology, a “30-second impression” algorithm can be implemented in video advertising where an impression will only be counted when a minimum of 30-seconds ad is seen to its entirety, as illustrated below.

The way impressions are recorded usually vs 30-second impressions

The technology that enables 30-second impressions is known as KOL Video Background Advertising. This technology inserts a 30-second ad into the first minute of a KOL video for at least 30 seconds, and places it adjacent to the KOL. Therefore, when an  viewer is watching the KOL video, he/she will subconsciously look at the advertisement too. This means that the number of viewers that watched the KOL video is fairly identical to the number of viewers that saw the advertisement. The KOL Video Background Advertising can hence adopt YouTube’s official view count as the number of impressions for the advertisement. Given YouTube only counts a view when a video is viewed for more than 30-seconds, there is no double or multiple counting of views. As a result, ad performance can be improved and ROI can be increased.

What constitutes as an impression according to major social media platforms YouTube Instagram Facebook TikTok and KOL Video Background Marketing

Below are some examples:

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