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How can brands obtain guaranteed results with their brand awareness efforts?


Increasing brand awareness has always been pivotal to brands, where increased brand awareness may help bring the brand into the consumer’s evoked set, and the consumer may ultimately decide to purchase from the brand[1]. Brands therefore spend a bulk of their marketing budget on advertising that would increase brand awareness so that more customers will know about their brand.

In brand awareness campaigns, TV advertising and outdoor advertising are commonly used, where brands will place their print advertisement or video advertisement into their selected location, channel or time-slot. To decide where they would place their advertisement, brands would usually analyse where their target audience would be located, and estimate the expected results to see in which location will the advertisement placed yield the best results, or in other words, have the highest increase in brand awareness. For example, if a brand finds out that their target audience is mostly active on TV around 7 in the morning, the brand may buy morning air-time and place their video advertisement there.

However, while the logic sounds simple, these types of advertising poses a major issue — brands never know the actual number of audiences coming across the advertisement or, worse yet, paying any attention to the advertisement at all.

In addition, TV advertising or outdoor advertising in itself is expensive, and it does not guarantee that the viewers will definitely see the advertisement even if they come across it, the advertisement therefore would not bring the amount of brand awareness as expected, and the marketing budget spent may become wasted. For those brands with limited marketing budgets, this is a significant issue. Another issue is that such types of advertising limit the audiences interaction with the advertisement. In most cases, the audience will see the advertisement, and will then leave. For brands that would like to push consumers through the next step in their marketing funnel, this may be difficult. Last but not least, TV and outdoor campaigns are mostly time limited, and the corresponding advertisement will be removed when time is up, regardless of whether the brand-awareness goal has been achieved or not!

On the other hand, with AI based KOL marketing and the latest KOL video background marketing technology, brands can now get a guarantee on the number of viewers seeing their advertisement placed at the most eye-catching location and within the first minute of the KOL video, while forging interactions between the consumer and the brand’s advertisement through the tracking links, and effectively pushing the consumer through the brand’s marketing funnel. Given more and more people are switching to online media platforms like YouTube, such technologies have been proven useful in brand awareness campaigns. By embedding the brand’s advertisement in the background of the KOL video, and then publishing it live on YouTube, brands can be assured that at least 80% of the audience will actually pay attention to the advertisement[2]. This is because such technologies allow the advertisement to be placed near the KOL, where the most eye-catching spot of the video is located, and without blocking the KOL itself. Even better, AI KOL MCNs can guarantee the view-counts of the brand’s advertisement, the appearance of the advertisement in the first minute of the video, and placement of the brand’s marketing links into the video description, which can effectively help the brand increase brand awareness and push the consumers through their marketing funnel. Below are some examples of how such brand awareness campaigns are done:

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