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YouTube Marketing vs KOL Video Background Marketing, what are the differences?

Stemming from the ongoing trend for consumers to switch to online shopping, companies have increasingly switched to online marketing, and YouTube is one of those platforms that companies have increasingly relied on given YouTube’s popularity and its wide reach. With YouTube marketing, companies can run advertising campaigns using Google ads such as banner-ads and in-stream ads (pre-roll, mid-roll and end-roll ads). KOL video background marketing is an increasingly popular type of marketing method utilising the YouTube platform, but this has quite a number of differences compared with YouTube marketing.

1. Number of views are estimates vs Number of views are guaranteed

For YouTube marketing campaigns, advertisers can only get an estimate of the number of views. The estimates are usually given while they are setting up the campaign via Google ads, and can differ based on the companies’ campaign budget, type of ads placement, and the bid placed by the companies. For KOL video background marketing on the other hand, the number of views are guaranteed upfront, so companies can ensure that their campaign results will be up to their expectation.

2. Advertisements could be skipped vs Advertisements cannot be skipped or blocked

With YouTube marketing campaigns, skippable in-feed advertisements allow the audiences to skip after 5-15 seconds. Most audiences are most likely going to do so as the ads are annoying especially while viewers are watching the videos. On the other hand, KOL video background marketing advertisements cannot be skipped or blocked, so that all audiences will definitely see the advertisements. Furthermore, such ads can also reach those YouTube premium users who pay monthly to opt out of advertisements.

3. Advertisement could be taken down after campaign period vs Advertisement will appear perpetually

With YouTube marketing, the advertisements will disappear on YouTube after the campaign, but with KOL video background marketing, the advertisements will stay on the video and will not be taken down after the campaign ends. More importantly, the company will not be charged extra for the additional views generated.

With these major differences, KOL video background marketing solves the shortcomings that come with YouTube Marketing. Even better, KOL video background marketing comes with added benefits not offered by YouTube advertising. Given KOL video background marketing embeds advertisements into the background of KOL videos, companies can benefit from brand association, where the liking of the KOL will increase the chances of the audiences’ liking to the advertisers’ products or services. Furthermore, as the advertisements are not played in-stream, the audiences will not feel disrupted or annoyed by the advertisements.

To illustrate, below are some video examples:

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