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Why is KOL Video Background Marketing more effective on YouTube than TikTok?

KOL Video Background Marketing is a new marketing solution that emerged in recent years, where an advertisement is embedded in the background of a KOL video to help corporates build brand awareness and drive conversions, and to allow KOLs earn extra revenue. Technically, KOL Video Background Marketing could be run on any video sharing platform, but some platforms have proven to be more effective than others. In particular, YouTube has shown to be significantly more effective than TikTok when it comes to running KOL Video Background Marketing for the following reasons:

1. YouTube content are longer in duration and have a longer lifespan

According to studies, the average duration of YouTube videos stands at 11.7[1] minutes with a lifespan of 30 days[2]. On the other hand, TikTok videos have an average video length of only 32.4[3] seconds and a lifespan down to 1-3 minutes. These statistics mean that advertisements embedded in the videos on YouTube can reach more eyeballs much longer, which implies that corporates are more likely to drive conversions given the increased amount of time the audiences are exposed to an advertisement.

Comparison of the average duration and lifespan of YouTube and TikTok videos

2. YouTube supports a wider variety of platforms and has a more diverse audience base

Currently, desktop viewers contribute to 78%[4] and 9%[5] of YouTube and TikTok’s’s site visitors respectively, hence YouTube is able to reach to audiences who may not be as active on tablets or mobile phones. Furthermore, Tik Tok’s audience base is younger than YouTube’s.As a result, YouTube can reach to a broader range of viewers than Tik Tok which will be valuable for corporates to launch campaigns and build brand awareness.

3. YouTube videos are easy to search and can drive SEO

As YouTube allows its viewers to search for videos easily on interested topics, corporates can target specific audiences by matching the topics of the video being searched and watched to the products or services being advertised. Furthermore, as YouTube videos will show up on Google search results, advertising on YouTube can also drive SEO efforts[6]. Conversely, as TikTok is more of a feed-based platform, users are shown content based on their browsing history and engagement, which implies a lower level of match between the products advertised and the target audience. This also means that TikTok cannot contribute to any SEO efforts of the company.

In conclusion, YouTube has proven to be a better platform in doing KOL Video Background Marketing campaigns, and this new marketing solution provides multiple benefits traditional marketing solutions might not offer.

1. Results to the campaign are guaranteed, and brands are given a money back guarantee if the guaranteed results are not met.

2. Companies can save 70% of costs needed to run a KOL marketing campaign.

3. Time needed to execute a campaign can be significantly reduced, where companies can save over 95% of time needed.

Below are some examples:

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[5] Statistics obtained from Statista via ChatGPT

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