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What is Martech? and how can it be applied into KOL marketing?


Martech, a.k.a. Marketing Technology, is technology employed in the service of marketing. It refers to using various softwares and platforms that applies cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, and blockchain to assist companies in achieving marketing objectives and goals. Martech is often used to automate the marketing process, analyze marketing efforts, or measure marketing performance.

Currently, there are many different types of martech tools available to marketers, ranging from customer relationship management software, content management systems, social media management tools, search engine optimization software to analytics and data management platforms. For example, companies may use softwares like Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Buffer to manage all their social media channels, where big data, AI and internet of things enable them to schedule posts, engage with audiences, monitor social media activity, and analyze results all in one place.

In the KOL marketing realm, notable martech solutions include platforms in analysing the performance of KOLs with data analytics, platforms for scouting KOLs with big data and cloud computing, and solutions in creating virtual KOLs through virtual and augmented reality. However, while these solutions can help simplify the KOL marketing process, they cannot get rid of the pain points of traditional KOL marketing such as the high costs and the lengthy negotiation process. Often the cooperation is unsuccessful even after a few months of back and forth discussion.

Fortunately, new martech solutions in KOL marketing can solve the aforementioned pain points and make KOL marketing process more efficient. Known as KOL Video Background Marketing, this solution uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing technologies to insert advertisements into the background of KOL videos, through segmenting and extracting the KOL in the video, pasting the advertisement into the background, and finally pasting the KOL back onto the video. This is illustrated below:

Illustration of how KOL Video Background Marketing is done

With this solution, companies can advertise in KOL videos at a fraction of the required costs and time, as they no longer need to engage in negotiations with the KOL or MCN. Moreover, as KOLs will not need to film dedicated content for the brand, the entire KOL marketing process can be simplified, as shown below:

Now, with this process, KOLs will only need to upload original videos, and companies will only need to submit advertisement materials and approve or reject the output videos. Even better, any issue in the collaboration can easily be solved by replacing the advertisement inside the video

Finally, as company pay for this solution by purchasing guarantee view counts, they can get a a definite number of view counts. Below are some examples:

If you are looking to do KOL marketing in an efficient and effective way, then look no further! is currently the leading AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our KOL video background marketing solution enables companies to advertise with guaranteed results. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately for effective advertising. Visit or contact us through

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