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What is KOL Video Background Marketing?


KOL video background marketing, a cloud-based and AI powered solution, refers to KOL marketing where the advertisement is inserted into the background of a KOL video before uploading onto YouTube as opposed to having the KOL advertise about a product or service in the video. With KOL video background marketing, advertising with KOLs become easier, simpler and more versatile, and brands can achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness with their KOL marketing campaigns.

How does KOL video background marketing work?

KOL video background marketing is powered by an array of patented and patent-pending AI technologies. What it does is that it will scan through the KOL video and find a suitable spot to insert ads. It will then extract the KOL out and insert the advertisement into the spot determined. Finally, the engine will paste the KOL back on to create a KOL video with advertisement embedded, as shown in the illustration below. When the advertisement is inserted, the video can then be uploaded onto YouTube.

What are the different In-Video Advertisement formats available?

With KOL video background marketing, advertisements can be embedded in the KOL videos in the following ways:

1. Motion-Ad - A screen behind the KOL

2. 3D-Ad - A 3D object placed in a natural setting beside the KOL

3. Animation-Ad - An animation moving behind the KOL

When the advertisement is inserted, the video can then be uploaded onto YouTube, as shown in the examples below:

What are the advantages of KOL video background marketing?

KOL video background marketing comes with multiple advantages, benefiting advertisers and KOLs alike.

To advertisers, they gain the following benefits:

1. The time needed to finish one KOL video is largely reduced

With KOL video background marketing, videos with advertisements embedded can be finished within hours as opposed to weeks when traditional sponsored videos are used.

2. Costs to KOL marketing can be significantly reduced

Brands can cut 70% of the marketing campaign costs in advertising with KOLs.

3. Alterations to the advertisement can be easily accommodated

Alterations can now be done without any extra cost incurred and efficiently. If the advertiser is not satisfied with the output of the KOL Video with the embedded background advertisement, the advertisement can be easily removed and placed in another KOL video to be uploaded into YouTube.

To KOLs, they gain the following benefits:

1. KOLs can get extra revenue

KOLs can earn revenue from their unsponsored videos. KOL video background marketing turns unsponsored videos into valuable advertising space. KOLs will therefore only need to provide a video and earn extra revenue for allowing the background for advertisement insertion.

2. KOLs will not lose valuable brand collaboration opportunities

While traditional KOL marketing often comes with the risk of the KOL and brand not being able to come to terms, which often results in a failed collaboration, KOL video background marketing ensures success. This is due to the fact that a video rejection by either the advertiser or the KOL can easily be solved by replacing the advertisement in the KOL video with another one, so the KOL won’t risk losing collaboration opportunities even if a rejection occurs.

3. KOLs will not need to tailor content to the advertiser

KOLs will not need to add extra “hard-sell” content for the advertiser. KOL video background marketing works through ad-insertion, so they will only need to provide a clip with a plain background and the engine can then easily insert advertisements for them. The time required for the insertion is also very quick so that it will not delay the KOL uploading the video onto YouTube.

If you are an advertiser in search for an effective KOL marketing solution in YouTube or a KOL looking to gain extra revenue for your YouTube videos, then look no further! is currently the leading AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our ground-breaking KOL video background marketing solution enables advertisers to do KOL video background marketing easily and KOLs to earn extra revenue. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately for effective advertising. Visit or contact us through

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