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How does KOL Video Background Marketing close the gap between mass and target marketing campaigns?

When engaging in marketing, companies will have to set marketing goals and adopt active marketing strategies in order to achieve their goals. For example, if a company aims to increase brand loyalty, it may launch a membership program to drive consumer retention and hence increase brand loyalty. While there are a plethora of goals that companies often aim to achieve in marketing campaigns, increasing brand awareness and driving conversions or increasing sales are two of the most common objectives companies seek to achieve in their marketing campaigns. However, these two goals require quite different approaches.

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which consumers can recognise a brand. Companies working on brand awareness campaigns will usually adopt a mass marketing strategy and launch advertisements to reach to as many eyeballs as possible. Some common advertising channels include outdoor advertising, TV advertising, magazine and newspaper (off and online) and YouTube advertising.

Driving conversions or increasing sales on the other hand, often requires target marketing campaigns which refers to campaigns that target a specific group of audiences or market segment. Companies working on target marketing campaigns will need to tailor their marketing efforts including the advertisement and opt for selected media platforms and specific campaign period. Some common advertising channels include social media advertising (Instagram, Facebook) and sponsored KOL Marketing.

YouTube marketing is considered an effective advertising channel due to YouTube’s popularity and its broad and global audience base. In-stream advertisements in YouTube in the form of pre-roll, mid-roll or end-roll often result in minimal match between the product/services advertised and the audiences who view them. For companies seeking a versatile platform that can do both brand awareness and target marketing, the traditional marketing channels may not be able to serve their purpose.

Fortunately, technology has paved way for a new type of advertising known as KOL video background marketing. This type of YouTube-based advertising offered by AI MCNs can cater to both mass and target marketing campaigns. Companies can therefore choose whether they would like to run a mass (lowly targeted) or highly targeted campaign or both. If a company were to run a brand awareness campaign, the AI MCN would place the company’s advertisement into as many videos across many YouTube channels as possible, thereby maximizing reach for the advertisement. On the other hand, if a company were to drive conversions or increase sales, the AI MCN would place the company’s advertisement into multiple videos of one or a few selected YouTube channels aiming to target the same group of viewers. Alternatively, a company may opt to do both too in the same campaign, by placing advertisements into a couple of videos each in a few YouTube channels.

With the aforementioned capabilities, KOL video background marketing effectively closes the gap between mass marketing and targeted marketing by enabling companies to achieve both mass marketing and targeted marketing campaigns using the same platform, and allowing them to have full control over how targeted they would like their campaigns to be. Such marketing solutions can even be offered at a fraction of the costs of most marketing channels allowing brands to achieve higher ROI with their marketing campaigns. Below are some examples:

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