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How can we use technology to simplify KOL marketing?

KOL Marketing, along with many other marketing methods, have increasingly integrated technology into its workflow, be it in the research stage or the execution stage. For example, when doing target advertising in social media such as Instagram or Facebook, companies can now rely more on big data such as demographics, interests and behavioural patterns of their target customers. For KOL Marketing, technology has permeated into the various processes involved in completing a campaign, including recruiting and sourcing for KOLs, preparing copywriting, and executing the KOL marketing campaign.

In the process of recruiting and sourcing appropriate KOLs, companies now often rely on artificial intelligence and big data to identify which KOLs match their brand image and are suitable in helping the brand promote their products for their marketing campaign. With platforms offering such KOL scouting services, brands can uncover information related to the performance of the KOL and its ranking within fellow KOLs of the same country or category, as well as gain insights into the profiles of the KOLs. The platform can also offer services including the brand matching with appropriate KOLs in accordance to the Company’s marketing needs.

When preparing for copywriting, artificial intelligence can assist the companies in coming up with softwares that help them customise their copywriting based on the genre, style, and tone of writing. With this, the companies can save preparation time for KOL filming.

The companies may even opt for a virtual KOL over an actual KOL to promote their products. The fully computerized process of creating a virtual KOL meant that time and cost could also be reduced.

However, despite the various applications of technology in KOL marketing, it is still quite troublesome to execute traditional KOL marketing as it is time-consuming and expensive and efficiency is still low. Companies will still need to engage in long negotiations with the KOL to come up with storylines and scripts, and it will still take brands months or even years before they can reach a broad reach with their KOL marketing campaigns as companies can usually pick only one or very few KOLs at a time due to the high costs. Even with a virtual KOL, it will still take weeks or months for a company to finish designing a KOL advertising campaign. Fortunately, other technology applications in the industry can solve these issues.

With AI-Based KOL Video Background Marketing, the companies can now easily advertise on many KOL videos with lower costs and higher efficiency. Powered by the latest occlusion avoidance technology, the companies will only need to submit advertising materials, and the AI MCN can then insert their ad into the background of KOL videos within a few hours, by extracting the KOL from the video, pasting the advertisement into the background, and finally pasting the KOL back onto the video, as illustrated below.

Now, the companies can have KOL videos with their advertisement live on YouTube within 48 hours, and can therefore easily achieve a broad reach by placing their advertisement into multiple KOL videos at the same time. Along with the AI MCN helping the brand match their advertisement with appropriate KOLs, brands will no longer need to engage in any negotiations with the KOL, and can therefore achieve at least 70% savings in costs and 95% savings in time. Below are some examples:

If you are looking to do YouTube advertising with KOLs cost effectively, then look no further! is currently the only AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our ground-breaking KOL video background marketing solution enables brands to advertise with KOLs cost effectively and time efficiently. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately for effective advertising. Visit or contact us through

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