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How can KOLs easily expand their sponsorship opportunities overseas?

To KOLs, being able to expand overseas for sponsorship deals is a great opportunity for them to garner extra revenue and pave the way to future sponsorship deals outside of the country/region they are based in. For greener KOLs, this also is a great opportunity to get reference cases for future sponsorships. However, being able to do so is difficult, given KOL Marketing is most likely location-centric. Hence, it is likely that the KOLs will only get sponsorships from brands located in the same region as the KOL. Here are some reasons why getting overseas sponsorships are considerably difficult.

The first and critical barrier that prevents KOLs from easily getting overseas sponsorship deals is the lack of contacts. In most cases, KOLs simply do not have the contacts to internal advertisers from other countries, which in effect prevents them from soliciting the potential advertisers.

Secondly, international brands are often worried about the language or cultural mis-match between the foreign KOLs and their brand image. They are therefore often more skeptical when it comes to KOL selection in foreign marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, for MCN oriented KOL marketing, MCNs are usually very regional, where they are normally only familiar with the local KOLs and/or the local advertisers. In other words, MCNs are usually best equipped to match local KOLs with local advertisers.

Fortunately, with the latest Cloud-based AI KOL video background marketing technology, KOLs can now easily get sponsorship from overseas brands through such Cloud-based AI MCNs. Given that such AI MCNs are cloud based, they can easily replicate their business model into many different countries and hence easily get connections with brands from across the world.

Better yet, some of these Cloud based MCNs can insert advertisements into the background of the KOL videos in a post-production manner, and the KOLs absolutely do NOT need to talk about the sponsoring products inside their videos, which implies that there will NOT be any cultural or language mis-match at all.

As a result, the KOLs can effectively expand their sponsorship reference portfolio to overseas countries. This way, not only can the KOLs earn revenue from those unsponsored videos, they can also pave way to future sponsorship deals coming from international brands. Below are some examples on how this can be achieved:

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