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Why is brand awareness important? And how can KOL marketing help?

Brand awareness refers to the extent in which a brand is recognized by their consumers, where increased brand awareness increases the likelihood that a consumer develops brand recognition. To many brands, building brand awareness is important, where many brands allocate significant marketing budgets to building brand awareness, and this is due to a few reasons explained below.

The first reason is because it helps push brands into consumers evoked set, where an evoked set is a list of brands that a consumer can think of when they have a need for a particular product or service. When a consumer is exposed to a brand frequently, it increases the likelihood the brand will end up in the consumer’s evoked set when the consumer considers a product or service the brand offers. This proves particularly useful in bringing consumers through the brand's marketing funnel.

The second reason is because it allows consumers to better differentiate between one brand and a competing brand. Coupled with attractive differentiation points, brands can increase the chances a consumer chooses their brand over competing ones. They can therefore utilize brand awareness campaigns to convey differentiation between their brand and their competitors, which can help consumers discern the brand more easily, and increase the chances a potential customers goes through the brand’s marketing funnel.

A third reason is because it can drive repeat purchases. When a consumer is exposed to a brand they have previously purchased a product/service from, the advertisement targeted on brand awareness reminds them of their past encounter with the brand. A positive past experience with the brand could fuel the consumer to engage in a repeat purchase, especially when one does not want to juggle with the new brand options available.

Ultimately, brands hope their brand awareness efforts will translate into consumers purchasing products/services from their brand, and even better, become loyal customers or repeat purchasers.

For brands looking to build brand awareness, there are many ways to do so, but KOL marketing has cemented itself as one of the effective ways to build brand awareness. This effectiveness is largely due to brand association, where the association of the brand with the KOL increases the audiences’ liking of the brand from their liking towards the KOL. However, traditional KOL marketing has proven to be tedious, costly, and time-consuming, where weeks of negotiation could be involved until one video is published. For brands, this may take months or years to be able to have their brand appear in many different KOL videos, which prevents brands from easily achieving high effectiveness in building brand awareness. Fortunately, new technologies can turn things around, and allow brands to easily build brand awareness with KOL marketing.

With the latest KOL Video Background Marketing technology, brands can now easily place their advertisements into many different KOL videos in a very short timeframe, thereby quickly expanding their brand’s reach to a wider audience group. This works through advertisement insertion, where the advertisement is inserted into the background of many different KOL videos. Hence, when a potential customer is exposed to the brand’s advertisement via multiple videos, the brand can be easily imprinted into the audience’s mind, and can therefore significantly increase the chances the customer develops brand awareness and brand recognition.

Ultimately, significant exposure should enable the brand to appear in consumers' evoked set, then the consideration set and finally push consumers through the marketing funnel and purchase from the brand. Below are some examples:

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