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How many KOL videos can one advertise in a month? 2? 5? 10?

When doing marketing campaigns, brands are most concerned about the breadth and depth of reach. Technically, if a brand can broadcast their advertisements to as many channels or platforms as possible, this could potentially increase their reach. While brands can easily achieve a broad reach with some some social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, this may be difficult for some other marketing channels, and Youtube KOL Marketing is one of those marketing methods that is difficult to utilise when it comes to achieving a broad reach as it is limited by the number of subscribers or viewers of each YouTube video.

Firstly, it takes weeks or months just to complete one KOL video with sponsorship. Under normal circumstances, the brand and the KOL will have to undergo weeks of negotiations before they can come to a consensus regarding the storyboard, the script, and any other matters that pertain to the video sponsorship. This implies that it will take the brand at least weeks to get one KOL video completed. For brands looking to attain a high reach on YouTube, KOL Marketing may be quite inefficient. Given the brand will need to sponsor many KOL videos to attain a broad reach, it may take years before brands can reach a large group of target audiences with KOL Marketing.

Secondly, KOL Marketing is costly. Compared to other marketing channels or methods like traditional YouTube advertising or Facebook/Instagram advertising, brands will have to spend significantly more before they can achieve a broad reach. Furthermore, there is no guarantee to the amount of reach a KOL Marketing campaign can get, so brands might need to spend millions to get a broad reach with their KOL Marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, with KOL Video Background Marketing, brands can now easily advertise in as many videos as they would desire, thereby maximizing reach for their advertisements across YouTube. Brands will only need to submit advertisement assets, and the AI MCN can then insert their advertisements into as many YouTube videos as possible, regardless of region and category. With audiences watching various YouTube videos, brands will now be able to spread their brand name across YouTube quickly, while effectively imprinting the brand’s message into the audiences minds.

Furthermore, brands are now able to achieve vertical KOL Marketing and horizontal KOL Marketing. Vertical KOL Marketing is where brands can advertise and have their brand penetrate in many videos across the same channel, and horizontal KOL Marketing is where brands can advertise across many channels on YouTube. With brands being able to achieve either vertical KOL Marketing or horizontal KOL Marketing in a short period of time, they can quickly achieve a broad reach, as illustrated in the following diagram.

Moreover, below are some published YouTube examples of KOL Video Background Marketing:

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