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Terms - Video Upload
V1.0 (Last Update: 21 Mar 2022)

“By uploading your video to, you agree to the following terms:


(1)    Customer’s Brand Protection

When you or your representing YouTube channel run into one of the following situations:



i. Sex scandal

ii. Criminal Charge

Iii. Political scandal


and if the situation is widely spread in Hong Kong or other regions such that:


a.     The customer finds over 100 different negative online posts (within the last three months) of the situation, or 

b.     The case has been reported on local TV news or local printed newspapers,


then reserves the right to request you (or your representing YouTube channel) to remove this video (with the embedded customer advertisement), and you (or your representing YouTube channel) must do so within 72 hours upon our written request.  


You (or your representing YouTube channel) can still repost your original video (without the customer’s advertisement) back to your YouTube channel afterwards.


(2) You (or your representing YouTube channel) will only receive the agreed payment from (or Zyetric Technologies Limited) when a video with the embedded customer advertisement is successfully published on YouTube for at least 6 months, except when the “Customer’s Brand Protection” policy described in item (1) above is triggered.”

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