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Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer

Hong Kong

Job Type

Full Time

Job Duties

  1. Be part of a small AI team to research and implement the required solutions

  2. Research, design and develop various AI solutions for the company’s CV problems

  3. Invent technologies to improve the accuracy and/or efficiency of the company’s CV platforms

  4. File the corresponding international patents for the invented technologies


  • PhD, Master or Bachelor in Engineering or Computer Science with focus on AI

  • 3+ years (senior) or 1+ year (junior) experience in AI industry

  • Have strong knowledge of deep learning algorithms

  • Familiar with computer vision, especially image segmentation or image matting models

  • Understand popular deep neural networks like Mask RCNN, DeepLabV3 and Fast SCNN

  • Familiar with python programming

  • Be able to test and debug your own codes

  • Familiar with Github and other software issue tracking tools

  • Familiarity with Ali Cloud is a great plus.

  • Be able to work independently, follow and respect coding standards and help to enforce good programming practices.

If you are interested to join us, please forward your resume with your expected salary to

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